Newsletter September 15, 2022

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🎉 SF Parent Coalition gets big-time recognition with award from National Parents Union! SF Parents co-founder, Yvette Edwards, represented our organization at the recent National Parents Union convening, attended by incredible advocacy organizations from across the country. We were humbled and honored when Yvette was called up onto stage to receive an award for our (your!) work. NPU President Keri Rodrigues remarked how SF Parents earned this award for all of our hard work, passion, and courage to have “the audacity to demand that the needs and priorities of children come before political interests.”💪


Describing her experience, Edwards says, “It was inspiring to be in the room with people who have been doing this work for much longer than we have. Some really important connections were made.The attendees were majority BIPOC representing all regions of the US. While each region is facing different issues we are all aligned toward a common goal of successful outcomes for all students including closing the achievement gap and promoting social-emotional learning. Edwards expects that SF Parents will continue to exchange ideas and strategies with the incredible community leaders, parent advocates, and educators from across the country.


This award is for all of you who have joined us on this wild ride,” said Ms. Edwards.

School Site Councils and PTAs are in full-on parent recruitment mode. If you haven’t already thrown your hat in the ring, contact school leadership today! And while SSCs are perhaps the lesser known parent/community body to get involved with, you might be amazed at the influence and impact you can have when you join yours. SSC’s number one job is to tie the school budget to student achievement plans. Pretty important stuff. New to your SSC? Don’t miss our three-part series all about School Site Councils; this week check out: What do SSCs decide? 


Literacy instruction improvement update. As you know, SF Parent Coalition has been focusing parent and community attention on literacy curricula, instruction, outcomes, and the changes needed at SFUSD. This past May, SFUSD shared a report from TNTP, the outside auditor of SFUSD’s K-5 literacy instruction. The analysis identified major gaps in curricula, instruction and materials, and recommended that SFUSD shift to new research-based materials in order to improve reading outcomes for students. We are hearing that SFUSD is on the path towards developing a curriculum adoption process, and appreciate that they are being thoughtful and focused ensuring that process will involve teachers and community, starting with elementary pilots possibly as soon as this spring.


Board of Education approves the Boring Procedures Policy–and we couldn’t be happier. Once again President Lam led a short-and-sweet meeting, on Tuesday September 6th. The major topic of interest was the conversation and consideration of revisions to board rules and operating procedures. The new policies commit the board to a more effective governance model where they spend less time talking about non-student related issues, and more time focused on student learning. It was passed unanimously after Committee Chair Lainie Motamedi gave an overview of how these policies will enable greater transparency and focus on our students. “The purpose is to refocus the board on student outcomes,” she said. “We know the focus needs to be on our kids and our schools, and rebuilding trust with our community.”


SFUSD approves contract with crisis management consultant to fix remaining teacher pay challenges with EMPower. The teacher pay crisis has continued for far too long, and teachers, parents, and community are fed up. We hear that it’s still being worked on each and every day, and that even the state fiscal team experts have been doing a deep dive to analyze the operational challenges. Parents stand with our teachers continuing to call for a final and complete resolve to this crisis, and we hope that the new consultants being brought in for $2.8M are able to fix the remaining obstacles, once and for all. 


All about consolidations. We’ve been hearing about fall budget and classroom consolidations, which has parents, teachers and community more than a little worried again. It’s not a comforting way to start the school year, having classrooms shifted suddenly and unexpectedly. Fortunately, we are hearing that SFUSD is trying a different budget fix to possibly allow them to avoid consolidations at this time. That said, we all know SFUSD has a massive structural deficit affecting our district, and that at some point, hard decisions are going to have to be made again. We just hope that they are made in the most careful and thoughtful way that *minimize* negative impacts to students and classrooms. In the meantime, read our Policy Explainer on consolidations, why they happen, and what you can do to prevent them.

DON’T MISS: Important parent voice opportunities to get heard by new Superintendent Dr. Wayne and the Board of Education! Parent/community listening sessions are now underway, both with the new Supt. Dr. Wayne on his 117-day listening tour, and also with the Board of Education as they work on updating SFUSD’s Vision, Goals, and Guardrails plan. What do you care about?! What do you hope your child learns and has access to at SFUSD as they make their way through K-12? What do you want SFUSD leadership to know about how you hope your kid is prepared for college and career by the time they graduate? Attend one of the Superintendent’s or Board of Education’s listening sessions in September or October. (There’s even one *tonight* with Dr. Wayne at 5 pm at Mission High!)

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