We believe a network of committed parents and supporters can turn San Francisco's public schools into a national beacon of excellence for all kids--together! SF Parents (formerly Decreasing the Distance) is a large, inclusive, and diverse network of parents and supporters across San Francisco; this network of thousands of people like you is our beating heart.

Become a member (it’s free!) of our active network to get started. Feeling like digging in even more? Consider joining one of our various working groups (e.g., special ed parents, state policy, Black parents) or volunteer your expertise (e.g., communications, tech help). You can also join our active Facebook group to discuss SFUSD topics with other parents, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter.

If you’re not here for any of that but just love what we’re doing, our work would benefit greatly from your donation. Thank you!

When you join (free!) or financially support the San Francisco Parent Coalition, you advance our collective ability to:

  • Fully reopen all schools, including before and after care, sports, clubs and other beloved student activities.
  • Pick up the pieces of the negative academic, social and health impacts of prolonged school closures on children, including the deeper impacts on long-standing inequities in the system.
  • Ensure that parents have a strong, independent voice within all future SFUSD decisions so that the kind of disastrous experience families have had with 15 months of closed schools never happens again.
  • Create a unifying vision and building support for a path forward to excellent San Francisco public schools for all kids.

Please note, when you join, you also agree to our member agreement, which supports an environment of safety and respect within a big tent 🙂