SF Parent Coalition

SF Parent Coalition

Founded in the summer of 2020, SF Parents is a collective of 5,000+ San Francisco public school parents, students, teachers, and community supporters.

We center the needs of children and youth in San Francisco public schools by bringing together a diverse network of parents and caregivers to advocate for a thriving, equitable school system.


SF Parent Coalition is launching this community call-to-action to address persistent equity gaps in our public schools and take action for SF students.


Why S.F. parents love S.F. public schools

May 20, 2024 | Comments Off on Why S.F. parents love S.F. public schools

If you live in San Francisco or have been here recently, you may have started seeing window signs or bumper stickers that say “I love my SF public school.” And if you’re not a San Francisco public school parent or student, you might be surprised to see these signs, given the prevailing narrative about the…