Newsletter Nov 6, 2023: The State of S.F.’s Public Schools

Weekly updates from SF Parents   Here’s what we have for you on the latest in public education in San Francisco…   THE STATE OF SAN FRANCISCO’S PUBLIC SCHOOLS AT LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL, THIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th with Mayor London Breed, Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne, DCYF Director Dr. Maria Su, former School Board President Hydra…

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Chinese Newsletter Nov 6, 2023: 三藩市公立學校的現狀



11 月 8 日星期三,在林肯高中

與布里德(London Breed)市長、三藩市聯合校區學監韋恩博士(Dr. Matt Wayne)以及兒童、青少年與家庭部主任瑪麗亞·蘇( Maria Su), 前教委會主席曼杜莎( Hydra Mendoza)以及加州議員丁右立( Phil Ting)進行座談

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Parent Q&A: SFUSD’s Plan to Improve Reading

San Francisco public schools currently have some of the poorest student outcomes for reading in the state of California and many parents have been sounding the alarm bell on this troubling trend for many years. Check out the recent California Reading Report for more info. SFUSD staff has recently announced that it will be undertaking a new…

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Why and How to Bring Structured Literacy and the Science of Reading into Every Classroom

Nov 10, 2021 6:30-7:30 pm Register: Join us for a presentation and discussion with Margie Gillis, president of Literacy How, on how to transform San Francisco public schools from one of the lowest performing California school districts for reading into one of the best. Whether your child or school is struggling, or you’re an educator…

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Celebrating our volunteers

Thank you to the many families of dedicated volunteers who joined us on Saturday morning at the Randall Museum to celebrate all their hard work this past 18 months. Despite the odd mix of rain and smokey skies keeping things moody, we still had a blast! We hope you did, too. Our movement would be…

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