Newsletter February 17, 2022 (English)

Weekly updates from SF Parents

Collins, López, and Moliga are out.

The voters have overwhelmingly spoken. San Francisco parents and supporters made their voices heard on Tuesday and the message is loud and clear: the San Francisco Unified School Board needs a new direction.
Thank you to all of our parents. This movement was created because parents and families were continually ignored and dismissed. Last Tuesday validated the hard work–parents’ tireless advocacy–that has been building momentum for over a year now. Parents are never to be ignored again
With the success of the recall, Mayor London Breed will appoint new members of the Board. We’ve asked you what you’d like to see in new BOE appointees, and will be lifting up that parent feedback in a letter to Mayor Breed, making sure that parents continue to be heard

Moliga steps down; Lam steps up.

Effective immediately, Faauuga Moliga stepped down from the Board of Education. We want to thank Commissioner Moliga for his service on the Board and for making a genuine effort to reach out to our coalition of families. We did not always agree, but, he was consistently willing to hear and engage with us. We wish him well and expect we will work together again in the future.
Commissioners Collins and López have not yet indicated that they will step down.
Commissioner Jenny Lam announced and accepted her new role taking over as President of the School Board, given that Gabriela López has been recalled. We’re excited to see President Lam step into this role and we appreciate her immediate commitment to refocusing on the needs of our students and tackling the many challenges that confront our district.

🚨  Parent Action Corner 🚨 

Sign and share this petition to delay the superintendent search
The recall is over but there remains a lot of uncertainty regarding the composition of this board, especially during a critical time of selecting a new superintendent. Our affiliate organization, SF Parent Action, released this petition urging the BOE to give more time for SF Unified superintendent candidates to apply once the dust settles. Please sign and share widely! ✍ ✍ βœ
Currently applicants don’t know who their bosses will be on the BOE. The brief extension will allow for a broader candidate pool at a time when our schools need the best. This call for a 1-month delay is supported by Mayor London Breed, State Senator Scott Wiener, Assemblymember Phil Ting, Supervisors Haney, Peskin, Mar, and Stefani, former school board presidents Haney, Yee, Norton and Rodriguez, and groups SF Parent Coalition, Families for SF, Alice B Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club, and GrowSF.

Parents: This was a big week. Thank you for all that you do, and please, keep showing up. This is a time for our leaders and broader SFUSD community to reset and refocus on our kids. It is also a time to reflect and acknowledge what parents are capable of, and to never again go back to the previous world where parents weren’t organized and weren’t lifting up our concerns. We appreciate everything you do to fight for our kids, our city’s public school students.