Parent Priorities Platform


SF Parent Coalition believes that a Board of Education held accountable by a large and diverse group of parents will be responsive to the needs of children and families and focused on the Board’s core responsibilities. An effective Board of Education will adopt and promote policies that SFUSD students and families identify as top priorities, prioritize student learning and well-being as their primary focus at every meeting, and put kids before politics and their political careers.

SF Parent's current priorities were identified by families during the 2023-24 school year. SF Parent Coalition (and sister arm SF Parent Action) periodically evaluate school board members based on this platform: 


  • Focus on student outcomes: The district and individual schools should develop and implement plans to ensure that each and every student receives the high-quality instruction and support they need to reach their full potential. This includes implementing new research-based programs when existing materials aren’t working; implementing evidence-based interventions that catch students up to grade level when they are behind; and ensuring sufficient support for teachers to master new materials and strategies. A student outcomes focus also requires regular assessment of student data by the Board of Education, central office, and schools to ensure that each and every students’ needs are met, with special emphasis on supporting students from low-income and historically marginalized backgrounds.


  • Fixing the budget deficit: The district and Board of Education must make the strategic and sustainable budget decisions necessary to prevent a state takeover of SFUSD and to prioritize children’s learning. These cuts must work to limit negative impacts to students, particularly our students from low-income and historically marginalized backgrounds, and be rooted in a baseline of excellence at every school.


  • Transparency and accountability. The Board of Education and SFUSD cannot make important decisions for our students without clear data and information on what is happening at our schools. SFUSD should monitor the impact of all major decisions and any intended and unintended impacts on students. SFUSD should exhibit leadership in elevating the importance of district-wide and school-level student achievement monitoring and analysis, and make these analyses fully available to the public.


SF Parent Coalition launches campaigns that are focused on K-8 literacy, K-12 math, college and career readiness, and whole child–wellness and school climate supports.

Ultimately, an SFUSD Board that is more responsive to the needs of children and families and more focused on the Board’s core responsibilities will be better able to support SFUSD staff to improve outcomes for all students. The Board we envision will follow best governance practices to build an ambitious but responsible public school system that both closes long standing equity gaps and enables all of our students to learn and thrive at the highest levels.