What’s up with the SFUSD budget crisis? A Q&A with Former Commissioner Rachel Norton

Rachel Norton

Join SF Parents for our October Parent Action Meeting–SFUSD Budget Challenges: What to Know

Former School Board Commissioner Rachel Norton will be joining us to answer YOUR questions about the SFUSD budget crisis and threat of state takeover of the school district. What is happening? Can this be solved? What should the Board and District be doing right now? What does it all mean, and how will it impact our schools/my kids?

Use this sign up form to let us know you’ll be logging in, and to add your questions to the mix. We want to ensure that every parent in the district knows what’s happening, and how we can all work together to right this ship.

Rachel Norton will be joining us from 7:00-7:30pm followed by 30 minutes of check in with SF Parents and your fellow SFUSD parent community on other hot topics, including what’s on your mind. Some possibilities: the new literacy resolution, the Superintendent search, COVID learning recovery plans from the district, etc.