Parent Budget Survey Takeaways

In September of 2023, SF Parent Coalition launched the Survey for Tomorrow’s Schools to be able to obtain parent and community input on what families hope to as a baseline commitment to our schools and our students as SFUSD addresses its budget deficit this year. Parents expect SFUSD’s commitment to a baseline of excellence and…

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Newsletter Nov 6, 2023: The State of S.F.’s Public Schools

Weekly updates from SF Parents   Here’s what we have for you on the latest in public education in San Francisco…   THE STATE OF SAN FRANCISCO’S PUBLIC SCHOOLS AT LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL, THIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th with Mayor London Breed, Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne, DCYF Director Dr. Maria Su, former School Board President Hydra…

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Chinese Newsletter Nov 6, 2023: 三藩市公立學校的現狀



11 月 8 日星期三,在林肯高中

與布里德(London Breed)市長、三藩市聯合校區學監韋恩博士(Dr. Matt Wayne)以及兒童、青少年與家庭部主任瑪麗亞·蘇( Maria Su), 前教委會主席曼杜莎( Hydra Mendoza)以及加州議員丁右立( Phil Ting)進行座談

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Newsletter Oct 5, 2023: Invitación al Foro Sobre el Estado de las Escuelas Públicas de San Francisco

Weekly updates from SF Parents San Francisco tiene escuelas públicas que deberían ser de las mejores en el mundo, donde todos los estudiantes pueden aprender y prosperar. Aunque muchos estudiantes en el SFUSD están teniendo éxito, sabemos que no todos tienen las mismas oportunidades. Nuestro distrito tiene una de las mayores diferencias en los resultados…

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Newsletter Sept 21, 2023: Literacy Campaign Wins

Weekly updates from SF Parents   If one ever doubted the importance of parent advocacy to improve public education, here’s another moment illustrating how parents in San Francisco are turning things around and achieving real education wins for kids.   Earlier this month, Columbia University announced that the failed reading program–the Teachers College Writing and…

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Newsletter Sept 21: 我們仍在繼續進行「三藩市的孩子們不能再等了」的宣傳倡議,請您繼續參與和支持


本月初,哥倫比亞大學宣布由露西·卡爾金斯領導的教師學院的讀寫課程(TCWRP)因失敗而正式解散。 該課程是我們三藩市聯合校區的小學仍在使用的閱讀課程,感謝三藩市家長聯盟(SF Parent Coalition) 和合作夥伴的努力,該閱讀課程正在被取代。 我們在徹底改革這個無效、過時的課程並使校區重返兒童發展的正確軌道方面發揮了重要作用。

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