Letter to SFUSD School Board on Addressing Violation of Political Activities Policy

Good afternoon SFUSD School Board Commissioners,

On behalf of the San Francisco Parent Coalition, we are requesting that you immediately address the UESF/staff violation of SFUSD Board Policy 4019.25 All Personnel – Political Activities of Employees and California Ed Code. These policies are attached

We are aware that #6 and #7 have been violated at an unknown number of schools following a planning meeting by UESF leadership at Balboa High School on November 18th, where some staff then used mailboxes at school sites to (possibly photocopy) and distribute election flyers. We are also curious about #1, 2, 4, and 8 and request that you pursue a discovery process around those policy items, to determine if/where there were any violations, as well. We were made aware of at least one school site where the flyers made it into children’s backpacks in a classroom. 

Our school sites and classrooms are for supporting students’ learning and well-being, and should not be used for political organizing. Please address this violation of Board policy at your next Board meeting.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter and for elevating it to high importance. We will be making this request public. 

With respect,

Meredith Dodson, on behalf of SF Parent Coalition