Parents Request Transparency and Action on Reopening Plan

Our very first action. We sent a letter to our city’s Education Leaders asking for transparency and action on the school reopening plan.


Dear Superintendent Vincent Matthews and Board of Education President Mark Sanchez,

Over the past four days, we have received nearly 1,200 signatures on the attached petition calling for transparency and action on the plan for the safe reopening of our schools. It was developed and reviewed by families across SFUSD, including those deeply engaged in Community Learning Hubs and the ELAC community, and with feedback from those working tirelessly to help families in the Bayview and Excelsior. 

We eagerly await the forthcoming dashboard as a step in the right direction, but also know it will not be enough to fill the gaps and effectively engage stakeholders in the process of reopening our schools. To echo the call from others this week, our intent is not to attack one another, but work together in service of the health, well-being and continued education of our students. We have also heard from several funders who are potentially interested in stepping up to meet the financial needs of SFUSD during this unprecedented time.

We look forward to your response, and would welcome the opportunity to meet next week. Thank you for your time and consideration

In service of San Francisco children and families,

Seth Brenzel (Glen Park ES), Cindy Burg (Dolores Huerta ES), Dheyanira Calahorrano (Everett MS), Meredith Dodson (Community Member), Courtney Helland (Miraloma ES), Kate Levitt (Monroe ES), Laura Padilla (Dolores Huerta ES), Jennifer Pitts (Glen Park ES), Olga Reyes (Cesar Chavez ES), Lorin Yin (Starr King)

About Decreasing the Distance / Disminuyendo la Distancia: We are a collective of San Francisco families, advocating for effective and equitable solutions for SFUSD students during the pandemic education crisis and beyond. We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all solution to education during a pandemic and strive to lift up the voices of parents across the city so their voices are heard and their families are served. As of October 2020, we have members whose children attend the following SFUSD schools: Balboa HS, Independence HS, June Jordan HS, Denman MS, Francisco MS, Everett MS, Hoover MS, Presidio MS, Roosevelt MS, Willie Brown MS, Alice Fong Yu K-8, Creative Arts Charter K-8, New School, Alamo ES, Alvarado ES, Argonne ES, CIS ES, Clarendon ES, Claire Lillenthal ES, Commodore Sloat ES, Daniel Webster ES, Dolores Huerta ES, Diane Feinstein ES, El Dorado ES, Flynn ES, Glen Park ES, Grattan ES, Harvey Milk ES, Jefferson ES, Lakeshore Alternative ES, Marshall ES, McCoppin ES, McKinley ES, Miraloma ES, Monroe ES, Moscone ES, New Traditions ES, Paul Revere ES, Peabody ES, Presidio EES, Rooftop ES, Rosa Parks ES, Sanchez ES, Sherman ES, SF Public Montessori, Starr King ES, Sunnyside ES, Sunset ES, Sutro ES, West Portal ES, Yick Wo ES