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How to Ensure Your Child is Reading (Well):
A Q&A for Elementary Parents

Wednesday, October 13th, 12-12:30 pm on our Facebook group

Want to ensure your young child is on target to read, and read well? Join us for a lunchtime Q&A with literacy expert, Megan Potente, the Co-State Director of Decoding Dyslexia CA. Megan will give a brief overview of the questions, resources and signs to watch for to ensure your child is on track, and then answer your questions about reading development for elementary children. Tune in on our Facebook group with your questions. (Join our FB forum here if you haven’t already.)


School News

  • State of California begins SFUSD budget intervention. Whew, this got real fast. Last week, we warned you that SFUSD was on track to meet a fiscal cliff head on if the district didn’t begin working together to find student-centered solutions. Unfortunately, the State of California has since put the Board of Education and administration on notice with a stark warning letter and a sobering surprise appearance at a special Board of Education meeting this past Monday. We know this is a lot to digest at once, so we’ve broken down some key questions below. TL;DR: The magical thinking that has been going on for too long with our city’s education leaders absolutely cannot continue.
  • The confusing Collins & Lopez public health resolution. Amazingly, the proposal from Commissioners and Collins and Lopez to buck the highly-effective advice from the SF Department of Public Health and create their own public health school protocols, is still alive, though fortunately fading. We say amazingly because, yes, this resolution–beyond being unnecessary and burdensome–would create significant new, unnecessary costs for the school district; while we continue to hurtle towards state takeover. We hope cooler heads prevail, and soon.
  • Have you been to your School Site Council meeting? What’s that, you say? Every SFUSD school is overseen by a group of parents, students (upper grades), teachers and community members called a School Site Council (SSC). Specifically, every school’s official budget and plan for academic outcomes is overseen by this body. PTSAs raise private funding for schools and drum up volunteers and fun events, while School Site Councils keep an eye on reading scores and curriculum, etc, and how the school is spending its official, public budget. So … kind of important! Interested? Schools are required to have SSC meetings once a month; they’re open to the school community and generally very friendly. Plan to attend your next meeting! Email your SSC leader or your principal if you don’t know where to find the SSC meeting link!
  • Newsom mandates all California students get vaxxed. Though the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t yet authorized for children under 12, Newsom has preemptively made it a requirement for all children to be vaccinated in order to attend in-person school once the vaccine is FDA approved. The mandate will be phased in. Read the details here. There is still not yet a full mandate for all adults in schools to be vaccinated.
  • Picture day! In more light hearted news, picture days are coming up, if they haven’t already happened at your kid’s school. What’s your best picture day story of things gone horribly wrong? Anyone else’s kid color their hair with a sharpie marker the night before? Worse? 🤪
  • Did you know? KALW (91.7 FM) is owned and licensed by the San Francisco Unified School district. It began in 1941 and was built by students and educators, and is the first FM station on the West Coast. Go, San Francisco!

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