Consistent “Modified Quarantine” for Every SFUSD School!

We’ve been hearing from parents across SFUSD schools that they’re frustrated with the erratic implementation of the Department of Public Health’s recommended “Modified Quarantine” procedure for schools. SF Department of Public Health guidance, which lines up with California DPH guidance, allows for something called Modified Quarantine as outline below:

Right now, some schools are implementing Modified Quarantine–for some students, some of the time. And many are not. The result is lots of healthy kids being forced out of school for no reason, after over a year of school closures. Families are understandably feeling anxious and panicked about what this means for their carefully balanced lives. To make it worse, kids in full class quarantine are being offered no online learning with their teacher, thanks to a lack of a labor agreement that would allow otherwise.

Write a letter to the Board of Education asking them to keep our kids safe and in school. They can help ensure that a full Modified Quarantine policy is being enacted across every school and classroom in the district.

Take action here.