SF Parent Coalition

Founded in the summer of 2020, SF Parents (formerly Decreasing the Distance) is a collective of 4,000+ San Francisco public school parents, students, teachers, and community supporters.

We center the needs of children and youth in San Francisco public schools by bringing together a diverse network of parents and caregivers to advocate for a thriving, equitable school system.


Newsletter June 2, 2022 (Chinese)

June 2, 2022 | Comments Off on Newsletter June 2, 2022 (Chinese)

自從新冠大流行襲擊並幾乎顛覆全世界以來,我們三藩市公立學校的學生就在6月1日完成了他們在學校的第一個完整學年。這一年並非沒有挑戰,但有許多值得關注的亮點。到本學年結束時,我們學校的普遍情緒是愉快的。 6月1日,燦爛的畢業笑容充滿了我們的社交媒體,許多父母滿懷淚水和喜悅——喜悅的淚水。這是怎樣的一年呀!