SF Parent Coalition

SF Parent Coalition

Founded in the summer of 2020, SF Parents is a collective of 5,000+ San Francisco public school parents, students, teachers, and community supporters.

We center the needs of children and youth in San Francisco public schools by bringing together a diverse network of parents and caregivers to advocate for a thriving, equitable school system.


SF Parent Coalition is launching this community call-to-action to address persistent equity gaps in our public schools and take action for SF students.


4/3/2024 Budget Explainer, Updated

May 6, 2024 | Comments Off on 4/3/2024 Budget Explainer, Updated

In March 2024, SFUSD provided an update on its budget crisis. Here is what parents need to know: SFUSD’s budget crisis extends beyond School Year 2023-24. SFUSD may or may not be able to meet its financial obligations in School Year 2024-25, SY 2025-26, SY 2026-27, and beyond. SFUSD could run out of money in…