San Francisco Parent Coalition thanks all of our amazing supporters.

For its first year plus, SF Parent Coalition (then as Decreasing the Distance) was entirely run by parent and community volunteers.
We continue to be powered by incredible parents on the ground, driving our work and advocating for what kids need to learn and thrive. Since launching a formal non-profit 501c3 organization in August 2021, we also have received donations from over one hundred parents, caregivers, and supporters. Our parent volunteers and donors are the true fiber of our organization:

Adam Davis

Alex Milowski

Allison Arieff

Ana Kapor

Andrew Strickman

Bilal Mahmood

Blaine Bookey

Carolyn Prasad

Chanel Blackwell

Cindy Burg

Cindy Richter

Clifford Yee

Cooper Marcus

Courtney Helland

Courtney Kettenburg

David Katz

David Murphy

Denise Goldstein

Dheyanira Calahorrano

Eliot Kent-Uritam

Ellen Lee

Emily Murphy

Emily Short

Ericka Karner

Fiona Thomas

Gerald Kanapathy

Hannah Naughton

Ian Hart

Isabelle Carman

Ivan Resnikoff

Jackie Zappala

Jenifer Navarro

Jennifer Butterfoss

Jennifer Sam

Jessica Wallack

JJ Liu

Joanne Compean

Jocelyn Pietsch

Jodi Perelman

Jody Pettle

John Jersin

Jonathan Claybaugh

Josephine Zhao

Josh Bukstein

Joshua March

Judith Sansome

Judy Lucas

Jui Ching Liao

Julia Nemchuk

Julie Wong

Kate Lazarus

Katherine Priore

Kendra Frost

Kimberly Knowles

Kit Hodge

Komal Bawa

Kristin Dillon

Laura Batie

Laura Wolfram

Lauren Keane

Ledia Pearl Carroll

Lena Strayhorn

Lian Chang

Linda Willa

Lisa Moore

Mahasty Lebastchi

Margaret Gillette

Margaret Hosel

Mark Perutz

Mary Brett

Mary Szczepanik

Maya Bourdeau

Meredith Dodson

Melissa Willa

Meredith Osborn

Michal Ettinger

Mike McCarthy

Misa Perron-Burdick

Nancy Sorrell

Nathan Gheen

Nathan Quigley

Olga Eber

Patrick Linehan

Rachel Sheinbein

Rex Ridgeway

Robb Ortiz

Ronan Lyall

Sandy Wong

Sara Sullivan

Sarah So

Sarah Wallis

Sarah Waziruddin

Scott Olson

Seth Brenzel

Simon Bertrang

Stephanie Case

Stephen Dodson

Stuart Collins

Susan Exline

Tara Killebrew

Thea Selby

Thomas Hayden

Todd David

Tom Economidis

William Bourdon

Yinlan Zhang

Yvette Edwards

We are also now proud and honored to have received funding from the following institutional and family foundations:

Andrew and Carolyn Chatham Charitable Fund

Chavez Family Foundation

Craigslist Charitable Fund


Dodge Family Fund

Herlehy Claybaugh Love Fund

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

National Philanthropic Trust

Perkins Hunter Foundation

Reinhardt Family Fund

Thank you to our generous donors! We could not accomplish this important parent advocacy work without your help.

Sf Parent Coalition