There’s no way to sugar coat what’s looking like a very hard year of budget decisions for SFUSD. This has been years in the making, with prior SFUSD boards and leadership refusing to spend within our means or tie dollars to student success. Now our current Board of Education and Superintendent are grappling with possible solutions to fix a growing structural deficit. Through this process, students must be kept at the center of discussions, and SFUSD must mitigate any negative impacts to our low-income students and other focal student populations.


As a parent group that believes in the importance of informed, engaged families, we’re lifting up to SFUSD your input on what you want to see as a baseline of excellence at each and every school at SFUSD. Please take 5 mins to complete our Survey for Tomorrow's Schools (also in Spanish and Chinese) and tell us what are your desired “suite of guarantees” across every elementary, middle and high school. What’s the baseline commitment of resources, academics, extracurriculars and supports we should see at every school in San Francisco? Feel free to dream big--on the other side of this, we wonder whether a future could exist where all SFUSD schools are fully resourced and each student receives an excellent, equitable education. Anonymized, aggregated results will be summarized and shared publicly and with SFUSD.


Curious to learn more about SFUSD's plans and processes regarding budget fixes this year? RSVP for our September 13th monthly meeting at 12pm over Zoom with special guest Superintendent Dr. Wayne. Primary topic: the road ahead to fixing our budget and keeping thriving students at the center of every single macro and micro decision.